Friday, December 9, 2011

Actual Knitting

I told myself when I made this blog I would update a few times a week.  There would be works in progress, finished items, lovely photos of handspun yarn, but then real life got in the way, and I remembered just how horrible I am at taking photos of yarn.

Well, for my first project I thought I would pull out something I rarely knit with, my own handspun.  I got this roving ages ago from a knitter friend I met online years before.  It's blue.  Now blue isn't one of my favorite colors, but I love variety in the things I make, and there are always friends and family members of mine who will gladly take some blue handmade items from me.

Allow me to present, the yarn:
I do love this yarn.  It's a 100% merino wool in a lovely blue color.  Just a little over 300 yards and exactly 4oz in weight but I figured it would be a good bit for a scarf.

So last Friday night I went in search of the *perfect* pattern.  It was handspun yarn, so I wanted a pattern that was interesting, yet simple enough that it would focus more on the yarn instead of the pattern.  I ended up finding this lovely scarf over on Ravelry: Beginners Reversible Scarf

It was the ideal pattern.  A basic knit and purl pattern that won't curl even if my non-knitter recipients do not block it out after washing.  Most importantly, it is knit on large needles, a 10.5 US and really shows off the yarn.

Of course, I cast on a week ago, which means by now this ball of yarn is looking quite different.  It's about a foot and a half in just a week and I haven't picked it up in a few days.  The best part about size 10.5 US needles is that it goes so quickly.

I have the ideal person I want to gift this too, but in order to give it to her I would have to finish it very soon.  If I start now, and knit constantly, I probably could finish it by tomorrow night.  Wish me luck. ;)

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