Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bring on 2012!

It's a new year, and I am one step closer to completing my knitting goals of 2012!  We're off to a great start already.

The truth, I needed something to knit last night while I was "celebrating."  There was no alcohol on my new years eve; however, I did have family over and it's hard to socialize and knit on an intricate lace shawl.  Because of that I cast on for a washcloth that I had been itching to make for a few days now.  I finished this just after midnight last night making it my first finished object of 2012!

Pattern:  4-Corners Dishcloth
Yarn:  Peaches & Creme - 42 grams
Comments:  I have knit several of these and I love the pattern.  It does have you slip the stitch as if to purl but make sure the yarn is held in back.  I was holding it in front (as if I was purling) and it left some gaps that I didn't like in the washcloth.  Apparently when I made it in the past I didn't read the directions, or I just slipped as if to knit.

As I said I will NOT purchase any yarn or fiber unless I've used up twice the amount.  So with each finished object I will be posting my current yarn status.

Yarn Out:  42g
Yarn In:  0g
Yards Spun:  0y

So as of right now I can buy 21g of yarn if I really want!  I think I'll start saving up now so I can make a knit picks purchase later in the year for a few Christmas gifts.

Also this is the first washcloth of 2012 to go into my "gift box" where I'll be storing finished objects to give out in years to come.

Happy New Years everyone!!!  I wish you all a safe and happy year.

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