Thursday, January 5, 2012

Well.. It's Not A Washcloth!

It's January.  January.  I realized two days ago when going on and on and on about how I was going to knit gifts this year for all of my friends and family, that my mother's birthday was coming up soon.  In fact it was coming up very soon.  At that point I had 17 days to knit a gift and ship it back home to her before her birthday.  Well, I was busy with a washcloth.  (Are you surprised?)  So last night I went into my stash and looked for a suitable yarn that I could turn into a scarf for mom.  I know what is in my stash, and my color preferences do not always match those of my mother, so I was very concerned about being able to find something from stash to knit for her.  Luckily the first bin I opened up was the one that holds my handspun, and a bluish gray was sitting on top.  5 skeins of it.  This is the first handspun I ever spun on my Ashford Traditional wheel.  I loved the fiber when I bought it.  I loved the yarn after it was spun.  But it wasn't really my colors.  It is however something I think that would work very well for my mother.

I started the scarf last night and was able to get that far before turning into bed.  I think I'll be able to finish it with plenty of time.

In case you were concerned... I did also finish another dishcloth. ;)

Pattern:  Seamless Circular Cloth
Yarn:  Peaches & Creme - Pink Lemonade
Comments:  Good Pattern.  I'm getting sick of the yarn a little. LOL.  This is the 4th washcloth I've finished this year so my gift box is picking up some items fast while my stash is beginning to dwindle!

I'm in a few groups on Ravelry, and although I am tracking my stash busting by tracking the grams used, another group of mine is tracking the yards knit.  So I thought I would add that to my destash list as well!

Yarn Out:  181g (388y)
Yarn In:  0g (0y)
Yards Spun:  150y

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