Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Luv Washcloths

The washcloth high continues.  This one was finished yesterday and a new one was cast on immediately after.  This pattern was good, but it wasn't my favorite.  Not sure why just wasn't for me.  Maybe it's the way my yarn striped out?  Or maybe it's just because I wasn't thrilled with the shape of it.  NO complaints about the pattern itself.  It was written well, and her patterns are easy to read.  I had a few difficulties but that was likely due to errors with my own reading. ;)

Pattern:  Leafy Surprise Cloth
Yarn:  Peaches & Creme - Pink Lemonade (50g)
Comments:  Good pattern, I had some difficulties with the problem, not sure if it was me or the way it was written.  I found it odd you never knit across completely to finish off each section.  I ended up with one stitch that seemed to be carried along throughout the project without being knitted.  Was weird especially when casting off.  I'm not seeing where I made a mistake in the pattern, but maybe it was something I did wrong.

New Yarn Totals for the Year:

Yarn Out:  136g
Yarn In:  0g
Yards Spun:  150y

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